Our Impact

Investing in Hope

Champion Charities’ fundraising reach has extended beyond the original goal. We provide funds for research and patient care in a variety of medical arenas, including our original pledge in brain-related or cancer-focused missions.

Nearly $30MM raised since inception
85% of net revenue is given away in grant money
60-70% of Broadway event tickets are donated to charities
Our funds helped to open the UCSF Cancer Hospital in 2015

Our Partners

As a nonprofit, Champion has been fortunate to achieve many of our goals and celebrate milestones of giving. This has inspired us to help other organizations reach goals, build momentum and affect greater change. In some ways, Champion Charities functions as a fund-of-funds in the nonprofit world: raising money that then gets distributed to organizations spanning a wide range of outreach. The missions of these groups vary from enhancing the quality of life of children to providing opportunities for individuals in the developing world. And we continue to partner with groups who have brain-related or cancer-focused missions. We believe these relationships will only help us all to achieve more, give more and change more.

Our Leaders

Champion Charities began its mission in 2004, setting out to create change and advancement in treatment for those suffering from brain tumors. We have been fortunate to have a group of loyal leaders who have stepped forward in their giving over the years – some who have been involved from the very beginning. This select group is known as our Circle of Champions and is a group of donors who have spearheaded the impact Champion has been able to have on brain tumors, brain disease and brain trauma:

  • Barbara & Gerson Bakar
  • Allison & Aneel Bhusri
  • Devon & Peter Briger
  • Ann & John Doerr
  • Fiona & Stanley Druckenmiller
  • Elizabeth & Bruce Dunlevie
  • Lynn & Wesley Edens
  • Dana & Bob Emery
  • Denise Foderaro & Frank Quattrone
  • Bill Helman
  • Edward Herlihy
  • Marie-Josée Drouin & Henry Kravis
  • Shawn & Doug Mackenzie
  • Linnea & George Roberts and Family
  • Jesse & Mindy Rogers
  • Karen & Ronnie Lott
  • Megan & Harris Barton